Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bad karma in a minute

A high school girl who works at my job shared a karma story. At her high school, another male teenager swooped down on her parking spot. Furthermore, this student bad mouthed her in the process.

Ironically, the same student cut her off again while leaving the high school. However, a police officer witnessed this out of control driver. He pulled over this driver and issued him a traffic ticket.

Karma worked overtime to repay this teenager back for cutting off the girl twice and bad mouthing her, as well. Don't think for a minute that bad deeds are overlooked. Karma is always on watch.

If a person does a bad deed, karma will either repay them then, or wait until later to return bad karma.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kind gesture: Guest gives another guest a coupon

Last night, I was involved in multiple "pay it forward" karma moments. I found a few guest books with cash in them, which I turned into management. My guests gave a good restaurant coupon to another one of my tables. Good karma surrounded me at work.

Paying it forward is a good way to get good karma without trying to do so. We don't do good deeds to get good karma, but it just happens that our good nature is rewarded.

I requested my guests to give their coupon to another table. The coupon expired last night, so this kind act goes far above the good deed. These guest of mine provided a good deed that helped another table. Both tables of guests were happy of this kind gesture.

I view good karma as a act repaid by past good deeds Our past deeds must be natural. We can't perform good deeds while thinking they are going to give us good karma.

Whenever you are compelled to do so, try doing something nice for another person. These people will appreciate your act of kindness. Despite the fact that we live in a world where people look to carry out their personal wants and desires, there are genuine people out there.

Remember, "pay it forward" at least once a week. Perform a good deed without thinking in your mind it's a good deed. The laws of attraction are surveying you. Hava a good karma day. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Told that good karma will come back tenfold

While working the night shift serving at a restaurant, another guest who is a professional waiter by trade, told me that I will receive good karma, and it will come to me tenfold. He shook my hand, thanking me for helping another new server, believing that my good teamwork bailed out this server in need.

It is good to get noticed for your hard work. It is even better to have another person tell you that good karma will pay you a visit soon. God knows I need good karma, especially after struggling to make a living the past decade.

I thought it was cool that a guest noticed my good deed. I never thought in my mind that I wad doing a good deed. My primary goal is to have fun working in a positive environment. Keeping a positive flow enables my co-workers, managers, and guests to enjoy the experience. Every day is a new adventure.

My philosophy is to take ownership of the entire restaurant. Every guest in the restaurant is within my reach. I will do what I can to make everyone happy, including my co-workers and guests.

Have you been congratulated for doing a good deed? Feel proud of a complement given by another person who acknowledged your contribution? Please share your good karma below. Thanks. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good karma act returned in 10 minutes

While waiting in a line at the Veteran's Clinic, a girl with an injured left middle and ring finger struggled to put her sweater on. In my mind, I wanted to help her. I knew it was the right thing to do. However, I held off asking her if she needed any help. A man in a wheelchair said, "Ma'am, do you need any help?" She replied back, "Yes, please." The man helps the girl put on her sweater.

About 10 minutes later, the same man rolled his wheelchair to the vending machine. He wanted an item that cost $1.45. He only had $1. The man rolled his wheelchair away, showing anger that he couldn't buy a candy bar.

The girl's mother overheard the old man wanting to purchase an item in the vending machine. She went over and asked him what he wanted to get. He told he didn't have enough money to buy a $1.45 item. She offered to purchase the snack for him.

In a span of 10-minutes, an act of good karma returned the favor back. Two people meant to help one another conveyed that karma will deliver on good deeds. You may see karma reward you in the present time, in a week, month, year, and maybe a decade later. Performing a good deed never goes unnoticed.

I shared this karma story with you to show how good karma works. You can see karma operate. Karma is not a metaphysical event. Karma is as real as life. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Karma Quotes

Karma quotes are useful to reflect back on good and bad actions. We constantly hear the karma sayings, "What goes around, come around" and "good things happen to good people". Trust that karma knows your good and bad deeds. Quotes about karma enlighten people their actions convey karma. 

The best karma quotes communicate good and bad outcomes attributed to actions. Karma watches like the Agents in The Adjustment Bureau. Thus, karma alters our lives. If we do good deeds, karma returns good actions. Treating people bad alerts bad karma to visit you like the grim reaper. 

Good and bad karma knows the truth. Criminals who wrong you will get their payback. Insurance companies who deny your insurance claims will get their bad karma. Good people who trust to help another in need will get good karma. Think of karma as silent watchers with great wisdom. 

Never think for a second you got away with a bad deed. Never forget your good actions are forgotten. Avoid payback missions to teach bad people lessons. Bullies will meet their fate. Quotes about karma can be uplifting, while never karma quotes can alert bad people to change their ways. 

Karma quotes are invaluable to your mind, body and soul. Reading further into karma quotes can have an impact on your life. People who say bad things may get bad karma resembling their insults. Good people saying good things about others will get good karma. 

Karma quotes hold underlining meanings to teach people to act responsibly. If you enjoy quotes about karma, you will learn that karma teaches people to be good to their family, friends, neighbors, strangers, and all else. Best of luck!   

Why karma matters?

Karma is a contract on the soul in this life and the previous. As a result, karma is based on cause and effect  Karma is a central force, an invisible aura that watches good and bad actions in present time and another past life. Thus, karma is a divine force that decides whether one live a good and or a bad life.

If you did something wrong in a previous life, you can get bad karma in this life. On the other hand, doing something good in a previous life will carry forward in your current life - good karma. The same can be said about actions in your current life. Doing something bad in this life means that bad karma will visit you. Good actions are met with good karma.  

People may tell you that your good actions will give you good karma. Another person treating a person bad is bound to receive bad karma. Karma never misses. Karma remembers. Karma repays good deeds. 

Karma matters. You may not see your good deeds as valuable in this life. Trust that karma knows your good nature. Don't focus on doing good deeds just to get good karma. Bad actions alert bad karma. In the end, karma is on the lookout to repay good and bad deeds. 

Stay on the positive side of karma. Avoid bad actions you think will give you bad karma. Pass on good karma  to another person who needs a helping hand. Good luck!  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bad karma in sports: Texas Rangers collapse in World Series

The best professional teams lose championship games. They experience failure at the hands of those who enjoy success the most. What causes the better team to get bad karma?

In the MBL World Series last year, the Texas Rangers were an out away from winning their first championship. St. Louis Cardinals scored two runs to send Game 6 into extra innings. Again, the best Rangers hitter smacks a 2-run shot in the bleachers. Texas Rangers are given another shot at making history.

For some odd reason, the Texas Rangers lost their 2-run lead. St. Louis scored 2 runs to tie the game. In the next inning, the Cardinals won Game 6 on a game ending home-run.

Bad karma? Texas Rangers were the better team. They made their second trip to the Word Series. Now with the franchise on the verge of winning their first World Series title, they can't shut the door twice with two 2-run leads in the 9th and 10th inning.

Most people Texas fans were on the edge of their seats. They wanted to watch history. Texas Rangers somehow collapsed at the wrong time. Their second shot at a title disappeared. St. Louis won Game 7 to win another championship. Why do good teams with no prior titles get bad karma. It is not bad luck.

Most teams in the 9th and 10th inning situation would never lose. New York Yankees lost in 2004 to the Boston Red Sox. They were on a verge of sweeping the Sox. Fans prepared to watch their bad karma team lose again. However, Boston Red Sox revered their past misfortune to win 4 straight games. Boston Red Sox went on to defeat the St. Louis Cardinals in a sweep, winning their first title since Babe Ruth played got traded.

Bad karma? Trade a player away to never win a title for over 80 years? Will the Texas Rangers have another shot at a title? Bad karma affects all good people. There is something that went wrong in the past; a curse that kept good events from delivering success. NBA's Sacramento Kings also endured the same fate. NFL's Buffalo Bills suffered from bad karma four years in a way, even missing a kick in the closing seconds to lose a Superbowl.

For those of you who are familiar with karma, it is a deed determining fate associated with past actions and events in this life and or the previous. Bad karma in sports is common. Professional teams losing twice should think about getting a karma reading to improve their future fate.